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21. Fluids Near a Critical Point Obey the Cox-Merz Rule.
Published: 7/1/2005
Author: Robert F Berg

22. Simple flow meter and viscometer of high accuracy for gases
Published: 1/6/2005
Author: Robert F Berg
Abstract: A model and supporting measurements are presented for the laminar flow of gases through a long capillary with a circular cross section. Using the model with a coil of quartz capillary of known dimensions yields the flow rates of a gas of known viscos ...

23. Development of a Microfluidic Rheometer for Complex Fluids
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Jai A Pathak, Robert F Berg, Kathryn L Beers
Abstract: Our group has recently published a report of a combinatorial rheometer/viscometer developed in our lab, based on the princinple of a damped harmonic oscillator. In this paper, we describe a modification of this approach to scale down this viscometer ...

24. Multi-Sample Couette Viscometer for Polymer Formulations
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: H J Walls, Robert F Berg, Eric J. Amis
Abstract: We describe a prototype scalable viscometer aimed at facilitating rapid measurements of multiple samples. The device simultaneously measures the viscosity of four samples in an array of Couette cells. Each cell contains a rotor with an embedded perma ...

25. Quartz capillary flow meter for gases
Published: 3/1/2004
Author: Robert F Berg
Abstract: This article describes an accurate meter for gas flow rates below 1000 micromol/s. (~1 micromol/s  1.3 cm3/min at 0 °C and 1 atm.) Two gauges measure the input and output pressures as the gas flows through a flow element consisting of either ...

26. Development of a Combinatorial Rheometer for Polymer Formulations
Published: 2/1/2004
Authors: H J Walls, Robert F Berg, Kathryn L Beers, Eric J. Amis
Abstract: Finding the best formulation for a new application, or fine-tuning an existing formulation to meet various customer needs, requires extensive sample preparation and testing. Our goal is to make this exploration more efficient for the property of visc ...

27. NIST-IMGC Comparison of Gas Flows Below 1 Liter per Minute
Published: 6/13/2003
Authors: Robert F Berg, G Cignolo
Abstract: We compared the IMGC and NIST standards for small gas flows at the IMGC. The IMGC standard is a recently developed primary flow meter that extracts a large piston out of a temperature-controlled chamber. Controlling the piston's speed holds the pre ...

28. Two Primary Standards for Low Flows of Gases
Published: 9/1/2002
Authors: Robert F Berg, S A Tison
Abstract: We describe two primary standards for gas flow in the range from 0.1 to 1000 mol/s. (1 mol/s =1.3448 standard cubic centimeters per minute.) The first standard is a volumetric technique in which measurements of pressure, volume, temperature, and ...

29. Mass Flow Research and Standards: NIST Workshop Results
Published: 7/1/2001
Authors: Robert F Berg, David S. Green, G E. Mattingly
Abstract: A recent workshop at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) identified research and standards that will benefit users and manufacturers of mass flow controllers and related equipment. The workshop identified problems with flow mea ...

30. Laminar Flow of Four Gases Through a Helical Rectangular Duct
Published: 2/1/2001
Authors: Robert F Berg, S A Tison
Abstract: We report measurements and a model of gas flow through a helical duct of rectangular cross section. The measurements on helium, nitrogen, argon, and sulfur hexafluoride yielded molar flow rates from observations of the rate of rise of pressure in a ...

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