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161. Digital Images and Computer Modelling
Published: 7/1/1999
Authors: Edward Joseph Garboczi, Dale P Bentz, Nicos Martys
Abstract: This chapter describes how digital images of porous materials can be analyzed to give information about the structure and properties of the material, describes various ways 3-D digital-image-based models can be generated to help understand real mater ...

162. An Argument for Using Coarse Cements in High-Performance Concretes
Published: 4/1/1999
Authors: Dale P Bentz, C J Hacker
Abstract: The NIST cement hydration microstructural model and experimental studies are used to investigate the effects of particle size distribution and water-to-cement ratio on hydration kinetics. Cement hydration is limited by the availability of water at t ...

163. A Hard Core/Soft Shell Microstructural Model for Studying Percolation and Transport in Three-Dimensional Composite Media
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 6265
Published: 1/1/1999
Authors: Dale P Bentz, Edward Joseph Garboczi, Kenneth Alan Snyder
Abstract: This user's manual provides documentation and computer program listings for the three-dimensional hard core/soft shell microstructure model developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The model has been developed to represent th ...

164. Diffusivity-Porosity Relation for Cement Paste
Published: 1/1/1999
Authors: Edward Joseph Garboczi, Dale P Bentz
Abstract: The development of a ionic diffusivity-porosity relation for cement paste, soundly based on microstructure, along with future developments in this area, are discussed. The importance of such relations for sulfate attack and other mechanisms of deter ...

165. The Microstructure of Portland Cement-Based Materials: Computer Simulation and Percolation Theory
Published: 4/1/1998
Authors: Edward Joseph Garboczi, Dale P Bentz
Abstract: Cement-based materials are usually composites, where the matrix consists of cement paste. Cement paste is a material formed from the hydration reaction of cement, usually a calcium silicate material, with water. The microstructure of cement paste c ...

166. Cement Hydration in the Presence of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration of Fly Ash
Published: 3/1/1998
Authors: S J. Remond, Dale P Bentz, M. Pimpinella, J P Bournazel
Abstract: This study is part of a wider research program aimed at developing an assessment methodology of waste-containing concrete. This methodology is developed based on the study of mortars containing an experimental waste: MSWIFA (Municipal Solid Waste Inc ...

167. Concrete: A Multi-Scale Interactive Composite
Published: 3/1/1998
Authors: Edward Joseph Garboczi, Dale P Bentz
Abstract: Methods have been developed for predicting the overall diffusion coefficient of ions in concrete using a multi-scale interactive analysis, ignoring any chloride binding interactions. The analysis makes use of microstructure models of mortar/concret ...

168. Computational Materials Science on the Internet
Published: 12/1/1997
Authors: Dale P Bentz, Edward Joseph Garboczi
Abstract: The magazine article describes the background, motivation, and structure of the monograph, and how the monograph describes the computational materials science of concrete. Monograph is found on

169. Acoustic Emission and Low Temperature Calorimetry Study of Freeze and Thaw Behavior in Cementitious Materials Exposed to NaCl Salt
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Yaghoob Farnam, Dale P Bentz, Allison Hampton, Jason Weiss
Abstract: This paper describes a series of experiments that were performed to assess the freeze-thaw behavior of mortar samples exposed to NaCl solutions. A low-temperature longitudinal guarded comparative calorimeter was used to perform cyclic freeze-thaw te ...

170. Multi-Scale Investigation of the Performance of Limestone in Concrete
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Dale P Bentz, Ahmad Ardani, Tim Barrett, Scott Zachary Jones, Didier Lootens, Max A Peltz, Taijiro Sato, Paul E Stutzman, Jussara Tanesi, Jason Weiss
Abstract: Limestone (calcium carbonate) has long been a critical component of concrete, whether as the primary raw material for cement production, a fine powder added to the binder component, or a source of fine and/or coarse aggregate. This paper focuses on t ...

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