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Weights and Measures Newsletter Archives - Packaging and Labeling

Series/F-XXX Key Words Article Issue
F-001 Labeling
ATF Says "No" to Centiliters on Wine Bottles August 1999
F-002 Metric-Only Labeling
NCWM Amends UPLR to Allow Metric-Only Labeling August 1999
F-003 Labeling
Small Packages
Reduced Space Symbology - Big News for Small Product Identification November 2000
F-004 Metric-Only Labeling Providing the Option for Metric-Only Labeling August 2001
F-005 Net Contents
Nutritional Labeling
Federal Involvement in Net Content Inspection November 2001
F-006 Moisture Loss Moisture Loss: What is it? How much is allowed? February 2002
F-007 Packaging and Labeling Laws Updating U.S. Packaging and Labeling Laws May 2002
F-008 NIST Handbook 133 Intent and Scope of NIST Handbook 133 August 2002
F-009 FPLA
Metric-Only Labeling
Summary on FPLA-Metric Forum November 2002
F-010 Package Labeling Guides Package Labeling Guides December 2003
F-011 Non-Consumer Packages - Labeling Labeling Non-consumer Packages February 2004
F-012 Non-Consumer Packages - General Non-consumer Packages in the Consumer Marketplace February 2004
F-013 Net Content
Net Quantity
Federal Requirements
Net Content Inspections - Federal Requirements May 2004
F-014 Net Content Inspection
Net Quantity Inspection
Net Content Inspections - What and Where to Test May 2004
F-015 MAVs
USDA Products
MAVs and USDA Products August 2004
F-016 MAVs
USDA Clarification
USDA Clarifies MAVs March 2005
F-017 Ink Jet Cartridges
Ink Jet Cartridge Labeling . . Is Count Enough? March 2005
F-018 Field standards
Calibration intervals
NIST-Suggested Field Standards & Calibration Intervals August 2005
F-019 Tare Report on Meeting on Tare November 2005
F-020 Tare
Stored Vehicle Tare
Update on U.S. Stored Vehicle Tare Study March 2006
F-021 Moisture Allowance Moisture Allowance-The Official's Nemesis; Industry's Nightmare! March 2006
F-022 Clear polyethylene bags
Method of sale Product identifiers
Regulatory Requirements for Fruits and Vegetables March 2007
F-023 Gel soaker pads Moisture loss Unused dry tare Used dry tare Wet tare MAV Moisture Loss and Gel Soaker Pads—What Do I Do? September 2007 - Item removed July 7, 2014
F-024 Tare Is the Wax Coating on Cheese Considered Tare? June 2008
F-025 Inspections
Ideas for Obtaining Retailer Compliance Through Education and Outreach September 2008
F-026 Seafood
Packaging and Labeling
Seafood Alert Winter 2009
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