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Quantum Electronics and Photonics Division


The mission of the Quantum Electronics and Photonics Division is to advance measurement science and technology throughout the electromagnetic spectrum in areas of critical importance to national priority needs. These areas include advanced manufacturing, national security, biological innovations, climate change science, and clean energy. The Division provides industry, and its suppliers and customers, with comprehensive measurement capabilities and standards, as well as traceability to those standards.   

The Division's key competencies include radiometry, advanced communications, sensing, imaging, quantum measurements, signal metrology, biophotonics, spectroscopy, forensics, and laser safety. In addition, the Division operates a state-of-the-art micro/nano-fabrication and imaging facility to create and characterize unique devices that improve measurement science, standards, and services. Our focus on a targeted set of technical challenges enables us to maximize impact and benefit from collaborations with industry, government, and university stakeholders.