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High Resolution Atomic Spectroscopy


Accurate measurements of atomic transitions using diffraction grating spectrographs, Fourier transform spectrometers, and laser spectroscopy.


A large part of the experimental program of the Atomic Spectroscopy Group centers around our high-resolution spectrometers. Our collection of "classical" grating spectrometers and "modern" Fourier transform and laser spectrometers allow us to perform wavelength measurements of nearly unparalleled accuracy.

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Classical Spectroscopy

Several High-Resolution Instruments, including:
10.7 m Normal Incidence Spectrograph
10.7 m Grazing Incidence Spectrograph
Czerny-Turner Spectrograph

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Fourier Transform Spectrometer

Spectral Coverage: 300 nm to 18,000 nm
Resolution: 0.0025 cm-1
Uncertainty: ±0.0001 cm-1
Computerized scan control and data acquisition control

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Laser Spectroscopy

Fabry-Pérot wavemeter
Michelson wavemeter
Single frequency dye lasers with numerous dye sets

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National Institute of Standards and Technology
Bldg. 221, Rm. A143
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Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8422

10.7 m Normal Incidence Spectrograph



Fourier Transform Spectrometer


Fabry-Perot wavemeter