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N42-2011 Radionuclide Identifier

ANSI/IEEE N42.42 Standard project

This example is a more complex version of Annex B. In addition to the basic data in Annex B, this document contains:

  • Additional information regarding the radiation measurement instrument: the version of the hardware, the instruments QC status, and several special characteristics.
  • Additional information regarding the Nal radiation detector: its dimensions and several special characteristics.
  • The definition of a second radiation detector, a GM tube.
  • FWHM and efficiency calibrations.
  • The measurement of a background spectrum prior to the foreground measurement.
  • The measurement data includes the gross counts from the GM tube, and the dose rate as determined by the Nal detector. Note that at a higher dose rate, the source of the dose rate would be the GM tube; this would be indicated by the radDetectorinformationReference attribute value.
  • Definition of a measurement group that links the foreground and background measurements.
  • Analysis results (both nuclide identification and spectrum peak analysis.


Radionculide identifier file: