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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards, 1925

An analysis of the deformation of the mooring spindle of the Shenandoah, T 270,
Tuckerman, L.B.; Aitchison, C.S.

Measurement of electrical resistance and mechanical strength of storage-battery separators, T 271,
Snyder, C.L.

Fire resistance of concrete columns, T 272,
Hull, W.A.; Ingberg, S.H.

Compressive strength of sand-lime brick walls, T 276,
Whittemore, H.L.; Stang, A.H.

Comparative wearing qualities of Pima and ordinary cotton used in mail bags, T 277,
McGowan, F.R.; Schoffstall, C.W.; Mercier, A.A.

Effect of twist on the physical properties of a number 7S yarn, T 278,
McGowan, F.R.; Schoffstall, C.W.; Mercier, A.A.

Testing of fire-clay brick with special reference to their use in coal-fired boiler settings, T 279,
Geller, R.F.

Reclamation of gasoline used in dry cleaning, T 280,
Hubbard, C. C.

Malleability and metallography of nickel, T 281,
Merica, P.D.; Waltenberg, R.G.

Technology of cotton machinery. Part I. Calculations on pickers, T 282,
Mercier, A.A.

Effect of tire resistance on fuel consumption, T 283,
Holt, W.L.; Wormeley, P.L.

A study of the seasonal variation of radio-frequency phase difference of laminated phenolic insulating materials, T 284,
Preston, J.L.; Hall, E.L.

Release of internal stress in brass tubing, T 285,
Anderson, R.J.; Fahlman, E.G.

Comparative durability of chrome and vegetable tanned sole leathers, T 286,
Bowker, R.C.; Geib, M.N.V.

A hot-wire anemometer for measuring air flow through engine radiators, T 287,
Zobel, C.G.F.; Carroll, L.B.

Comparative cold-rolling tests of open-hearth steel strip (deep drawing stock) and electrolytic iron strip, T 288,
Freeman, Jr., J.R.; France, R.D.

Comparative slow bend and impact notched bar tests on some metals, T 289,
Petrenko, S.N.

Relation between the heating value of gas and its usefulness to the consumer, T 290,
Weaver, E.R.

Tests of hollow tile and concrete slabs reinforced in one direction, T 291,
Parsons, D.E.; Stang, A.H.

Relative merits of cotton and jute cement sacks, T 292,
Morris, R.J.

Condensation of water from engine exhaust for airship ballasting, T 293,
Kohr, R.F.

Wearing qualities of tire treads as influenced by reclaimed rubber, T 294,
Holt, W. L.; Wormeley, P.L.

Initial temperature and mass effects in quenching, T 295,
French, H.J.; Klopsch, O.Z.

Flow in a low-carbon steel at various temperatures, T 296,
French, H.J.; Tucker, W.A.

A statistical study of conditions affecting the distance range of radio-telephone broadcasting stations, T 297,
Jansky, Jr., C.M.

Radio-frequency resistance and inductance of coils used in broadcast reception, T 298,
Hund, A.; De Groot, H.B.

Dielectric constant, power factor, and resistivity of rubber and gutta-percha, T 299,
Curtis, H.L.; McPherson, A.T.

Development of a standard bending test for rope yarns, T 300,
Schoffstall, C.W.; Boyden, R.C.

A comparative study of paper fillers, T 301,
Shaw, M.B.; Bicking, G.W.

Investigation of synthetic tanning material, T 302,
Wolesensky, E.

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