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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards, 1927

Relationships between the Rockwell and Brinell numbers, T 334,
Petrenko, S.N.

Thermal expansion of graphite, T 335,
Hidnert, P.; Sweeney, W.T.

Comparative tests of six-inch cast-iron pipes of American and French manufacture, T 336,
Petrenko, S.N.

Soundproofing of apartment houses, T 337,

Color in the sugar industry. I. Color nomenclature in the sugar industry. IL Colorimetric clarification of turbid sugar solutions, T 338,
Peters, H.H.; Phelps, F.P.

Use of sulphite cellulose extract as a tanning material, T 339,
Wallace, E.L.; Bowker, R.C.

Caroa fiber as a paper-making material, T 340,
Shaw, M.B.; Bicking, G.W.

A portable apparatus for transverse tests of brick, T 341,
Stang, A.H.

Aging of soft-rubber goods, T 342,
Tener, R.F.; Smith, W.H.; Holt, W.L.

Study of the windows of window envelopes for the purpose of developing standard specifications, T 343,
Lofton, R.E.

Comparison of American, British, and German standards for metal fits, T 344,
Fullmer, I.E.

Note on the determination of weight per gallon of blackstrap molasses, T 345,
Snyder, C.F.; Hammond, L.D.

Electrodeposition of chromium from chromic acid baths, T 346,
Haring, H.E.; Banows, W.P.

Effect of laundering upon the thermal insulating value of cotton blankets, T 347,
Rudnick, P.

Tarnish resisting silver alloys, T 348,
Jordan, L.; Grenell, L.H.; Herschman, H.K.

Physical properties of the principal commercial limestones used for building construction in the United States, T 349,
Kessler, D.W.; Sligh, W.H.

A study of problems relating to the maintenance of interior marble, T 350,
Kessler, D.W.

Practical applications of the earth current meter, T 351,
McCollum, B.; Logan, K.H.

Use and testing of sphygmomanometers, T 352,
Wilson, J.L.; Eaton, H.N.; Hendrickson, H.B.

Some volcanization tests of guayule rubber, T 353,
Spence, D.; Boone, C.E.

A modified method for determination of the copper number of paper, T 354,
Scribner, B. W.; Brode, W.R.

Electrolysis testing, T 355,
McCollum, B.; Logan, K.H.

Controlling the consistency of enamel slips, T 356,
Harrison, W.N.

Calibration and adjustment of the Schopper folding tester, T 357,
Carson, F.T.; Snyder, L.W.

Air-hardening rivet steels, T 358,
Herschman, H.K.

A superheat meter or differential thermometer for airships, T 359,
Strother, D.H.; Eaton, H.N.

Cleaning of fur and leather garments, T 360,
Goldman, M.H.; Hubbard, C.C.

Deterioration of steels in the synthesis of ammonia, T 361,
Vanick, J.S.; De Sveshnikoff, W.W.; Thompson, J.G.

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