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The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 94

 ISSN: 0160-1741

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Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1989


News briefs, p. 1

The importance of numeric databases to materials science, p. 9
Matula, R.A.

NIST/Sandia/ICDD Electron-Diffraction Database - A database for phase identification by electron-diffraction, p. 15
Carr, M.J.; Chambers, W.F.; Melgaard, D.; Himes, V.L.; Stalick, J.K.; Mighell, A.D.

Numeric databases in chemical thermodynamics at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, p. 21
Chase, M.W.

Numeric databases for chemical analysis, p. 25
Lias, S.G.

The Structural Ceramics Database: Technical Foundations, p. 37
Munro, R.G.; Hwang, F.Y.; Hubbard, C.R.

Applications of the crystallographic search and analysis system CRYSDAT in materials science, p. 49
Siegrist, T.

New directions in bioinformatics, p. 59
Masys, D.R.

The use of structural templates in protein backbone modeling, p. 65
Reid, L.S.

Comparative modeling of protein structure - Progress and prospects, p. 79
Moult, J.

The computational analysis of protein structures: Sources, methods, systems and results, p. 85
Lesk, A.M.; Tramontano, A.

Issue 2 March 1989


Special report on electrical standards - New internationally adopted reference standards of voltage and resistance, p. 95
Taylor, B.N.

A supercritical fluid chromatograph for physicochemical studies, p. 105
Bruno, T.J.

Relation between wire resistance and fluid pressure in the transient hot-wire method, p. 113
Roder, H.M.; Perkins, R.A.

Scattering parameters representing imperfections in precision coaxial air lines, p. 117
Holt, D.R.

4th International Symposium on Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy and Its Applications - National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, Md, April 10-15, 1988, p. 135
Young, J.P.

News briefs, p. 137

Issue 3 May 1989


A brief review of recent superconductivity research at NIST, p. 147
Lundy, D.R.; Swartzendruber, L.J.; Bennett, L.H.

Calibration of voltage transformers and high-voltage capacitors at NIST, p. 179
Anderson, W.E.

Consensus values, regressions, and weighting factors, p. 197
Paule, R.C.; Mandel, J.

News briefs, p. 205

Issue 4 July 1989


Determination of trace level iodine in biological and botanical reference materials by isotope dilution mass spectrometry, p. 215
Gramlich, J.W.; Murphy, T.J.

The spectrum of doubly ionized tungsten (W-III), p. 221
Iglesias, L; Cabeza, M.I.; Rico, F.R.; Garciariquelme, O.; Kaufman, V.

Apparatus for neutron-scattering measurements on sheared fluids, p. 259
Straty, G.C.

Eleventh National Computer Security Conference, p. 263
Lennon, E.B.

News briefs, p. 269

Issue 5 September 1989


Instrument-independent MS/MS Database for XQQ instruments - A kinetics-based measurement protocol, p. 281
Martinez, R.I.

A cotinine in freeze-dried urine reference material, p. 305
Sander, L.C.; Byrd, G.D.

The NIST automated computer-time service, p. 311
Levine, J.; Weiss, M.; Davis, D.D.; Allan, D.W.; Sullivan, D.B.

Erratum: Scattering parameters representing imperfections in precision coaxial air lines, p. 323
Holt, D.R.

Ninth Conference on Roofing Technology - National Institute of Standards and Technology, May 4-5, 1989, p. 325
Rossiter, W.J.

News briefs, p. 329

Issue 6 November 1989


The reduction of uncertainties for absolute piston gauge pressure measurements in the atmospheric pressure range, p. 343
Welch, B.E.; Edsinger, R.E.; Bean, V.E.; Ehrlich, C.D.

Absolute isotopic abundance ratios and atomic weight of a reference sample of nickel, p. 347
Gramlich, J.W.; Machlan, L.A.; Barnes, I.L.; Paulsen, P.J.

The absolute isotopic composition and atomic weight of terrestrial nickel, p. 357
Gramlich, J.W.; Beary, E.S.; Machlan, L.A.; Barnes, I.L.

Special report on standards for radioactivity: Report on the 1989 Meeting of the Radionuclide Measurements Section of the Consultative Committee on Standards for the Measurement of Ionizing-Radiations, p. 363
Hoppes, D.D.

On measuring the root-mean-square value of a finite record length periodic waveform, p. 367
Teague, E.C.

A search for optical molasses in a vapor cell: General analysis and experimental attempt, p. 373
Migdall, A.L.

News briefs, p. 379

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