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The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 88

 ISSN: 0160-1741

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Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1983


Estimation of Parameters in Models for Cesium Beam Atomic Clocks, p. 3
Tryon, P.V.; Jones, R.H.

Estimating Time from Atomic Clocks, p. 17
Jones, R.H.; Tryon, P.V.

Measurement Assurance Program Transmittance Standards for Spectrophotometric Linearity Testing: Preparation and Calibration, p. 25
Eckerle, K.L.; Weidner, V.R.; Hsia, J.J.; Kafadar, K.

Statistical Analysis of Some Gas Chromatography Measurements, p. 37
Kafadar, K.; Eberhardt, K.R.

Issue 2 March 1983


Ultrasonic Continuous-Wave Beam-Power Measurements; International Intercomparison, p. 91
Tschiegg, C.E.; Greenspan, M.; Eitzen, D.G.

The Efficiency of the Biweight as a Robust Estimator of Location, p. 105
Kafadar, K.

High Precision Coulometric Titration of Uranium, p. 117
Marinenko, G; Koch, W.F.; Etz, E.S.

Issue 3 May 1983


The Determination of Trace Levels of Cyanide by Ion Chromatography with Electrochemical Detection, p. 157
Koch, W.F.

Estimated Uncertainty of Calculated Liquefied Natural Gas Density from a Comparison of NBS and Gaz de France Densimeter Test Facilities, p. 163
Roncier, M.; Philippe, R.; Saint-Just, J.; Dewerdt, F.; Siegwarth, J.D.; LaBrecque, J.F.

The Application of Back-To-Back Accelerometers to Precision Vibration Measurements, p. 171
Payne, B.F.

Nuclear Orientation Thermometry, p. 175
Marshak, H.

Issue 4 July 1983


Apparatus for Density and Dielectric Constant Measurements to 35 MPa on Fluids of Cryogenic Interest, p. 241
Haynes, W.M.; Frederick, N.V.

An Intercomparison of Pressure Standards Between the Istituto di Metrologia 'G. Colonnetti' and the National Bureau of Standards, p. 253
Houck, J.C.; Molinar, G.F.; Maghenzani, R.

Analysis of Liquid Flow-Induced Motion of a Discrete Solid in a Partially Filled Pipe, p. 261
Mahajan, B.M.

Issue 5 September 1983


History of Atomic Clocks, p. 301
Ramsey, N.F.

Size and Refractive Index Determination of Single Polystyrene Spheres, p. 321
Marx, E.; Mulholland, G.W.

The Force-Elongation Curve of a Thin Fibrous Network, p. 339
Smith, J.C.

Issue 6 November 1983


A Polystyrene-Water Calorimeter, p. 373
Domen, S.R.

Applicability of the Colebrook-White Formula to Represent Frictional Losses in Partially Filled Unsteady Pipeflow, p. 389
Swaffield, J.A.; Bridge, S.

Circulants and the Characterization of Vertex-Transitive Graphs, p. 395
Leighton, F.T.

On the Decomposition of Vertex-Transitive Graphs into Multicycles, p. 403
Leighton, F.T.

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