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Our group develops measurement science in support of performance-based standards for technologies used by law enforcement, corrections, emergency response, and the military; and advances these technologies to support the needs of these stakeholders. Measurement science is developed for body armor systems, ballistic-resistant materials, less-lethal weapon technologies, surveillance technologies, detection of hazardous materials, and advanced sensing of concealed objects based on physical, radiological, and electromagnetic measurements. We perform system development and basic phenomenology research in concealed object detection and through-barrier sensing. We actively engage standards development organizations to lead the development of standards, conformity assessment programs, reference measurement facilities, and third-party accreditation systems.


Detection, Inspection, and Enforcement Technologies—The goal of this program is to manage programs, direct research and development efforts, and develop performance standards, guidelines and reports for equipment for detection, inspection, and …

Protective Systems Research Program—The Protective Systems Research (PSR) program conducts and coordinates research and provides technical services to address standards needs for protective equipment used by law enforcement and …


Nicholas Paulter, Group Leader
(301) 975-2405

Alim Fatah, Physical Scientist
(301) 975-2753

Amanda Forster, Material Research Engineer
(301) 975-5632

Emilien Guigues, Guest Researcher
(301) 975-5383

John Jendzurski, Electronics Engineer
(301) 975-8009

Donald Larson, Electrical Engineer
(301) 975-3183

Kirk Rice, Program Manager
(301) 975-8071

Michael Riley, Testing & Research Program Manager
(301) 975-6065

Nathaniel Waters, Engineering Technician
(301) 975-5128

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