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OOF: Finite Element Modeling for Materials Science

Welcome to OOF

News: OOF2 version 2.1.0 is now available from the download page.

Presentations from the August 2006 workshop are available on the talks page.

What is it?

OOF is designed to help materials scientists calculate macroscopic properties from images of real or simulated microstructures. It reads an image, assigns material properties to features in the image, and conducts virtual experiments to determine the macroscopic properties of the system.

The first version of OOF consisted of two programs, ppm2oof and oof, which separated these functions, and there were several versions available, depending on the physical modeling capabilities desired. These versions are still available on the OOF1 download page, but they are no longer supported.

The current version of OOF is OOF2, which improves on OOF1 in a number of ways. Most importantly, OOF2 can solve a much larger variety of physics problems, and can be easily extended to cover even more. For more information, see the OOF2 page.

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