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Publication Citation: Procedures for Wavelength Calibration and Spectral Response Correction of CCD Array Spectrometers

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Author(s): Adolfas K. Gaigalas; Lili Wang; Hua-Jun He; Paul C. DeRose;
Title: Procedures for Wavelength Calibration and Spectral Response Correction of CCD Array Spectrometers
Published: July 31, 2009
Abstract: This work describes a procedure for acquiring a spectrum of an analyte over an extended range of wavelengths and validating the wavelength and intensity assignments. To acquire a spectrum over an extended range of wavelengths with a spectrometer with a CCD array detector, it is necessary to acquire many partial spectra, each at a different angular position of the grating, and splice the partial spectra into a single extended spectrum. The splicing procedure introduces artifacts. It is demonstrated that by taking a spectrum of a reference irradiance source and making spectral correction the splicing artifacts are removed from the analyte spectrum. This is because the irradiance reference spectrum contains the same splicing artifacts as the analyte spectrum. The splicing artifacts depend on the wavelength of the splice; therefore it is important to measure the irradiance reference spectrum for the same range of wavelengths used to measure the spectrum of the analyte solution. In other words, there is no general spectral correction factor which is applicable to spectra taken for different range of wavelengths. The wavelength calibration is also carried out by splicing many partial spectra from a source like a krypton lamp. However the wavelength assignments are not sensitive to the splicing procedure and the same wavelength calibration can be used for spectra acquired over different wavelength ranges. The wavelength calibration checks the validity of the setting of the grating angular position, and the assignment of wavelengths to individual pixels on the CCD array detector. The procedure is illustrated by measuring the spectrum of an orange glass and the spectrum of a suspension of microalgae.
Citation: Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Volume: 114
Issue: 4
Pages: pp. 215 - 228
Keywords: CCD array spectrometer, fluorescence, spectral response correction, splicing
Research Areas: Spectroscopy, Instrumentation