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Publication Citation: X-ray Scattering and Fluorescence From Atoms and Molecules

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Author(s): S H. Southworth; L Young; E P. Kanter; Thomas W. LeBrun;
Title: X-ray Scattering and Fluorescence From Atoms and Molecules
Published: January 01, 2000
Abstract: Fundamental understanding of x-ray interactions with atoms and molecules provides a basis for applying x-ray methods to complex materials, such as structural determinations by x-ray diffraction and extended x-ray absorption fine structure. Compton scattering measurements of electron-momentum P distributions, and determinations of local chemical environments by x-ray interactions with atoms and molecules relevant to understanding elastic and inelastic scattering cross sections far from threshold and resonance and threshold phenomena in x-ray fluorescence. The ideas are discussed in the context of providing theoretical interpretations of experimental results and are topics of ongoing theoretical developments. We also discuss experimental methods of x-ray spectroscopy using solid-state and wavelength-dispersive spectrometers with excitation by tunable synchrotron radiation. The examples discussed are primarily from the authors' research. We did not attempt to provide a comprehensive review, but several recent review articles and research papers are referenced for further information. The ideas discussed are general and relevant to understanding fundamental studies and applications of x-ray scattering and fluorescence.
Citation: Photoionization and Photodetachment (Advanced Series in Physical Chemistry, Vol. 10) by Cheuk-Yiu Ng (Editor)
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., River Edge, NJ
Volume: 10
Keywords: argon,Br2,C12,CF3C1,coincidence techniques,Compton scattering,helium,krypton,nondipole scattering,Rayleigh scattering neon,x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy,x-ray scattering,xenon
Research Areas: Metrology, Manufacturing