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Publication Citation: NIST Special Database 30: Dual Resolution Images from Paired Fingerprint Cards

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Author(s): Craig I. Watson;
Title: NIST Special Database 30: Dual Resolution Images from Paired Fingerprint Cards
Published: November 01, 2001
Abstract: This new NIST fingerprint database offers the user complete paired fingerprint cards that include all ten rolled fingerprints and the plain impressions at the bottom of the card scanned at both 19.7 ppmm (500 ppi) and 39.4 ppmm (1000 ppi). Paired fingerprint cards are two sets of fingerprints for one individual captured at different dates. This database allows a user to compare algorithm results on two resolutions of the same image and specifically for adjusting the WSQ compression algorithm to work with 39.4 ppmm images. This database has 33 paired fingerprint cards scanned at both resolutions and segmented into individual fingerprint images. The fingerprint cards scanned at 19.7 ppmm are stored on the first CDROM and the 39.4 ppmm scanned cards are stored on the other three CDROMs (11 cards per CDROM). The segmented images are compressed using lossless JPEG (JPEGL) compression and stored in the ANSI/NIST data format[6]. Reference information is included in comment fields to help reconstruct the fingerprint card image if desired as well as a human defined classification for each fingerprint image.
Citation: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR) - 6800
Keywords: ANSI/NIST format,FBI,fingerprint,grayscale,image,JPEG compression,Lossless,plain impressions,resolution
Research Areas: Biometrics
PDF version: PDF Document Click here to retrieve PDF version of paper (827KB)