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Delivering Significant Results

ExporTech™, has assisted hundreds of businesses across the country to increase export sales, establish new partnerships, expand production facilities and hire new employees. These are just a few of the businesses that have become successful exporters with the help of ExporTech.


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Featured Success Stories

Rekluse Motor Sports

Rekluse Motor Sports (Idaho)
Rekluse Motor Sports started in Boise, Idaho in 2002. The company sells performance clutches to motorcyclists, racers, and recreational riders. Rekluse is an innovator of autoclutch technology. The company has a strong belief in supporting the local and national economy and its products are engineered, developed and manufactured in Boise. Learn more about Rekluse ExporTech Success

Rekluse Motor Sports Results
Louroe Company

Louroe Electronics (California)
Louroe Electronics has 30 Employees and has maintained the highest quality standards in audio monitoring systems, microphones and base stations for more than 30 years. Its extensive audio technologies are used in numerous industries,including law enforcement, security, health care, entertainment, hospitality, retail, and surveillance. Learn more about Louroe's ExporTech Success


The Wagner Companies

The Wagner Companies (Wisconsin)
The Wagner Companies is a 120 person, family-owned business that manufactures and stocks standard products for metal fabricators, and also produces custom products primarily for handrails.  Learn more about The Wagner Companies ExporTech Success


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Success Story Database

Search the success stories database to learn more about U.S. manufacturer's experiences with ExporTech. The success story database showcases hundreds of stories featuring the work MEP centers undertake to help manufacturers solve specific export challenges and the results the companies and their employees realize. Click here to start your search.


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Company Success Stories

Advantage Controls
American Emergency Vehicles
ATAS International
Axis International
Carmeco Inc./ Osagian Canoe
CTL Foods
Crane Carrier
Flow Sciences
Grand Brands
GVL Poly
Harvard Corp
High Country Fusion
Lifeloc Technologies
Louroe Electronics
Meyer Industries
PCS Adventures
Private Label Select
SII Dry Kilns
Swanson Industries
Two Sockets - Two Meters, Inc
The Wagner Company
Wilco Machine & Fab
Wolf Robotics

ExporTech is deployed using local MEP centers and the U.S. Commercial Service's USEACs (U.S. Export Assistance Centers) as well as other partners including District Export Councils, state trade offices and other federal, state, and local partners.