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Flammability Reduction Group Staff

Staff Listing
Dr. Rick Davis
Leader, Materials Research Engineer
Corie Bruins
Administrative Office Assistant
Dr. Morgan Bruns

Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Rodney A. Bryant
Mechanical Engineer 301-975-6487
Richard H. Harris, Jr Chemist 301-975-6688
Dr. Gregory T. Linteris Mechanical Engineer 301-975-2283
Dr. Nathan D. Marsh
Chemical Engineer
Dr. William M. Pitts Research Chemist 301-975-6486
John R. Shields Physical Scientist 301-975-2591
Isaac Gould
Shaun Flynn
Student 301-975-6893
Michael Ladas
Student 301-975-6551

Associate Listing
Dr. Valeri Babushok
Guest Researcher 301-975-8975
Dr. Nicolas Bouvet
Guest Researcher 301-975-8905
Dr. Douglas Fox Guest Researcher 301-975-8686
Michelle Gervasio
Guest Researcher 301-975-6893
Dr. Takashi Kashiwagi Guest Researcher 301-975-6699
Dr. Yeon S. Kim Guest Researcher 301-975-6481
Yu-Chin Li
Guest Researcher 301-975-6692
Dr. Szabolcs Matko
Guest Researcher 301-975-5163
Shivani N. Mehta Guest Researcher 301-975-3869
Dr. Shoanali Nazare
Guest Researcher 301-975-2499
Dr. Marc R. Nyden
Guest Researcher 301-975-2922
John L. Pagliaro
Guest Researcher 301-975-6675
Kenneth D. Steckler
Guest Researcher 301-975-5052
Stanislav I. Stoliarov
Guest Researcher 301-405-0928
Dr. Peter Sunderland
Guest Researcher 301-975-6679
You-Hao Yang
Guest Researcher 301-975-4327
Dr. Mauro Zammarano
Guest Researcher 301-975-5244

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Engineering Laboratory (EL)
Fire Research Division

Flammability Reduction Group (733.04)
Dr. Rick Davis, Leader

General Information:
Corie Bruins, Administrative Office Assistant
301-975-6859 Telephone
301-975-4052 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8665
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8665