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CFAST Support (How to receive Support for CFAST and Smokeview)

You have a two primary options for support, the Discussion Group and the Issue Tracker. Please note that in any of the options below, you should NEVER post any information that is confidential or sensitive in any way. These are public sites and can be read by anyone. If you want some level of anonymity, you can create and use a free Gmail account with a username that does not reveal your identity. This will allow you to post freely and unrestricted by what others might think. We don't care who you are, as long as we can best help you with any difficulties you encounter using CFAST.

If you plan to upload a file to illustrate your problem, then please do the following:

  • Make the file as simple as possible and still have the problem exist. It is much easier to locate the problem in a 30 line input file vs. a 10,000 line input file.
  • If possible, modify the input file so that the problem appears quickly during a computation.


Discussion Group

There is a very useful Discussion Group where you can post a question to the community. This is closely monitored by all of the developers and is the best place to get your question answered. Posting here instead of just sending an e-mail to one of the developers, will not only open your question up to all the developers at once, but will allow you to tap into the collective expertise of the entire community.

You will need to subscribe to the Group as a member first on the Group Site.You can sign up here: http://groups.google.com/group/cfast/subscribe. If you are a member of the group, you can also send e-mail directly to the group at: cfast@googlegroups.com. All the ease of e-mail, with the added value of a group post.

Please read the following pages before posting, they will help you get the most out of using the Google groups system.

Issue Tracker

If the issue is something that needs to be tracked by the development team until it is resolved. There is an Issue Tracker that will allow a user or developer to create a new issue that can be monitored for progress toward resolution. This can be used for bug reporting, feature requests, etc.

If you have a reported issue that you wish to check on, then you can select My Issues from the drop down box. Then only issues that were submitted by the login name at the top right of the screen will be displayed.

"CFAST Users" E-Mail List

If you would like to be notified of news and information regarding CFAST, please register by sending an e-mail to, listproc@nist.gov.The body of the message should contain the phrase:
subscribe cfastlist Jane Doe

Where you MUST replace the words Jane Doe with your first and last name. NOTE: The subject line may be left blank.

To unsubscribe from the list send an e-mail to the same address containing the line

unsubscribe cfastlist

You cannot reply to the mailing list messages.

Last Resort... E-mail

E-mail directly to the developers for support should only be used in special cases. It is not the most efficient means of resolving your issue. You can send an e-mail to cfast@nist.gov. This e-mail is monitored regularly and directed to the developer who can respond most appropriately to your request.