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Policies and Procedures — NanoFab Access

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Accessing the CNST campus for the first time

The CNST NanoFab is located on the Gaithersburg, MD campus of NIST.  The NIST campus is closed to the general public at this time.  Anyone traveling to the NanoFab not already holding a NIST badge must be registered, by a NIST staff member, as an official visitor in advance of their arrival.  NIST, Boulder badge holders can stop by the NIST, Gaithersburg badge office to register their badges.  Visitors without NIST badges will be required to wear a visitor badge and be escorted by a staff member at all times while on the NIST campus.  U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents can be registered for their visit up to the day of their visit.  Foreign nationals must be registered at least three business days prior to their arrival.   Visitor registrations for the NanoFab visitors can be submitted via the NanoFab User Office cnstufc@nist.gov.

Upon arrival at the NIST campus you will be required to show photo identification.  U.S. citizens can show a driver’s license or passport.  Non-U.S. citizens will need both their passport and visa or green card.  Visitors wishing to drive on the NIST campus will be required to show a vehicle registration (if privately owned) or rental agreement (for rentals).  Visiting hours to the NIST campus are Monday through Friday 7 am to 7 pm. 

Visitor access is provided on a short term (one week or less) basis to current and potential Research Participants working without a NIST badge who need to visit the CNST to discuss a project (but not perform research).    Anyone coming to the NanoFab as part of a relationship with NIST outside of the NanoFab must contact their sponsoring OU to arrange Visitor Access.



***Please note: this section only covers External Users - Research Participants working at the NanoFab through funding from outside NIST.  Individuals whose NanoFab charges will be paid directly by NIST fundsmust contact their NIST sponsor for badging.

NanoFab Research Participants working at the CNST as part of an external project may be eligible for a NIST site badge.  NIST site badges allow for unescorted access to the campus during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday 7am-7pm.  Anyone not already in possession of a NIST badge must be issued a site badge prior to obtaining unescorted NanoFab access and a NEMO account. 

Site badges can be issued for up to six months, the end date of the project, or the expiration of visa status for foreign nationals, whichever comes first.  Individuals requesting site badges will be required to show proof of identity including citizenship and visa status, be fingerprinted, and undergo a criminal background check.   Processing times for site badges vary based on citizenship and immigration status but most requests can be completed in about 2 weeks.

Site badges may be request by submitting a NanoFab Campus Access Form to cnstufc@nist.gov. 

Individuals who require access to the NanoFab for a term longer than 6 months will be required to obtain a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card.  PIV cards are issued thru the USAccess program which is managed by GSA.  More information can be found on the USAccess website: http://www.fedidcard.gov/credget.aspx

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