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The  NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) supports the U.S. nanotechnology enterprise from discovery to production by providing industry, academia, NIST, and other government agencies with access to world-class nanoscale measurement and fabrication methods and technology. As part of the CNST, the shared-use NanoFab gives researchers economical access to and training on a state-of-the-art tool set for cutting-edge nanotechnology development. The simple application process is designed to get researchers into the facility in a few weeks.

Looking beyond the current commercial state of the art, the CNST's NanoLab offers opportunities for researchers to collaborate on creating and using the next generation of nanoscale measurement instruments and methods. more...

Tool and Process News

Sputter Cluster System Now Available

A new 4-Wave IBD/BTD cluster sputter deposition system has been installed in the clean room and is now available to users. This tool will provide users physical deposition capability using the ion beam deposition or biased target deposition techniques resulting in the densest available thin films deposited at room temperature. The system has cassette-to-cassette and robot wafer handling, a load lock, and 12 ready-to-deposit materials to provide users clean films deposited on substrates ranging from small pieces up to 200 mm diameter wafers. more...

For more information, contact Gerard Henein, 301-975-5645.

Direct Write E-Beam Lithography System Now Available

A new JEOL 6300-FS direct write electron beam lithography system has been installed in the clean room, doubling the NanoFab’s capability in e-beam lithography. The new state-of-the-art system offers high resolution exposure capability and accommodates batch handling of substrates.  The system is available to users through the NEMO system. more...

For more information, contact Rich Kasica, 301-975-2693.

New Sheet Resistance Mapping Tool Now Available

The CNST has purchased a Four Dimensions 280DI 4-point probe sheet resistance mapping system which is now available to users in the NanoFab cleanroom. The tool will use the four point probe technique to measure sheet resistances ranging from 800 GΩ down to 1 mΩ. The automated stage and software provide mapping measurement capability of up to 5000 points per wafer on substrates ranging from 200 mm diameter wafers down to 25 mm diameter wafers with a measurement speed of a few seconds per point. more...

For additional information, contact Gerard Henein, 301-975-5645,

New Reflectance Film Measurement Tool Now Available

The CNST has purchased a new Filmetrics F40-UV reflectometer which is now available to users in the NanoFab cleanroom. The system can be used to measure thin film thickness and optical constants through a UV microscope. The F40-UV is equipped with three microscope objectives that enable measurements on patterned surfaces with a spot size as small as 10 µm. The measurement analysis software provides integrated video to display the sample and measurement location. The software allows users to generate custom film stacks using the large material database to analyze collected data and report resulting film properties. more...

For more information please contact Marc Cangemi, 301-975-5993. 

New Deep Silicon Etcher System Now Available

The CNST has purchased a new SPTS Omega c2L deep silicon etcher (DSE) which is now available to users in the NanoFab cleanroom. The new DSE can handle up to 200 mm diameter silicon wafer and can etch faster than the current deep silicon etcher in NanoFab. This new DSE also can provide smoother sidewall and better end point detection. This tool can be used to fabricate three-dimensional structures in silicon (Si) with vertical sidewalls of very high aspect ratio (> 50:1). Applications include fabricating micro/nano electro mechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) such as accelerometers, ink jet heads, pressure sensors, gyroscopes, microphones, microactuators, and lab-on-chip devices. more...

For additional information, please contact Lei Chen, 301-975-2908.

New Lithography Coater System Now Available

A new Suss Microtec ASC200 Gen 3 automated resist coater has been installed in the NanoFab cleanroom.  This system is able to perform spray and spin resist coating with automated wafer handling and resist baking. It is designed to be able to apply high quality resist film on a wide range of substrate shapes, sizes and topologies with consistent and uniform results. This new lithography resist coater is anticipated to enhance the quality, repeatability and throughput of NanoFab precision lithographic imaging. more...

For more information, contact Liya Yu, 301-975-4590.

Operating Status

The NanoFab is OPEN.

All NanoFab resources are available, including support from the NanoFab staff.


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NanoFab Manager

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