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Building and Fire Research Programs & Projects

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National Fire Research Laboratory Metrology Project
Last Updated Date: 12/17/2013

The ability to conduct safe, repeatable and accurate intermediate and large scale fire experiments is essential to understanding fire behavior and … more

Fire Modeling for Performance-Based Design Project
Last Updated Date: 12/16/2013

This research will address the shortcomings of CFAST (Consolidated Fire And Smoke Transport) and FDS (Fire Dynamics Simulator) that were … more

Safety of Building Occupants Projects
Last Updated Date: 12/16/2013

NIST will develop a model to predict evacuation decision-making during fires through a better understanding and quantification of the risk … more

Advanced Fire Detection Project
Last Updated Date: 12/16/2013

This project will develop the technology to significantly reduce residential fire deaths through demonstration of economical advanced detection … more

Reduced Flammability of Upholstered Furniture Project
Last Updated Date: 12/12/2013

The long term vision for this project is to enable the prediction of the burning behavior of furniture based on the material properties and the … more

Advanced Gas-Phase Fire Retardants Project
Last Updated Date: 12/12/2013

There is high motivation in industry to replace the widely used brominated fire retardants (and their antimony synergist). In order to aid in the … more

Reduced Ignition and Flame Spread with Nano-Engineered Foam Project
Last Updated Date: 12/12/2013

This research will enable commercialization of a reduced flammability, inexpensive, and EHS [1] compliant polyurethane foam and a high smoldering … more

National Fire Research Laboratory Infrastructure and Commissioning Project
Last Updated Date: 12/12/2013

At present, there is no research facility in the world that allows scientists and engineers to conduct research on the response of real-scale … more

Commissioning Building Systems for Improved Energy Performance Project
Last Updated Date: 12/12/2013

NIST will advance commercial building system commissioning as a standard quality assurance practice by developing techniques to automate … more

Building Integration with Smart Grid Project
Last Updated Date: 12/12/2013

New measurement science and industry standards are needed to enable building systems and consumers to interact with a future “smart grid,” which … more

Intelligent Building Agents Project
Last Updated Date: 12/12/2013

Achieving national goals of net zero energy buildings requires substantial reduction in the energy consumption of commercial building systems. … more

Smart Building Automation and Control Testbed and Standards Project
Last Updated Date: 12/12/2013

Better information about the practical implications of integrating historically separate building automation systems and improved industry … more

Fault Detection and Diagnostics for Commercial Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems Project
Last Updated Date: 12/12/2013

NIST is working to measure and improve the operational performance of commercial buildings by leveraging previously untapped capabilities within … more

Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Air-Conditioners and Heat Pumps Project
Last Updated Date: 12/12/2013

Fault detection and diagnostic (FDD) methods are receiving increasing consideration for application in space-conditioning equipment.  It is … more

700 MHz Band Channel Propagation Model
Last Updated Date: 12/02/2013

To provide telecommunications designers working in public safety communications with channel propagation models to use in simulation and testing. more

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