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Displaying events from January 01, 2009 To December 30, 2009

Allan Variance and the Uncertainty of the Autocorrelated Measurements
January 7, 2009

When repeated measurements are autocorrelated, it is not appropriate to use the traditional approach to calculate the uncertainty of the average … more

Measurement Performance Issues in Microarray Gene Expression Images and Spike-in Experiments
January 14, 2009

Microarray platforms have been widely used in multiplexed biological measurements. Measurement performance evaluation involves quantitative … more

Computer Experiments for an Alternative Approach to Mass Measurement
January 21, 2009

In anticipation of the redefinition of the kilogram and to avoid a parallel non-SI dissemination system for mass, an alternative approach to mass … more

Some Statistical Techniques for Comparing Cell Colonies Using Shape
January 28, 2009

Biological activity within a cell is important for numerous reasons, the medical reason being one of many. One response to activity that can be … more

Blank Corrections Using a Linear Regression Approach
February 4, 2009

Accurate measurements of analytes at low to very low concentrations require accurate corrections for chemical blanks or other sources of … more

Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of Predictions from Computer Experiments
February 11, 2009

Computer experiments are simulations of physical experiments performed by exercising a mathematical model for a physical or chemical process, to … more

Experimental Design in the Scheduling of Two Unrelated Parallel Processors
February 18, 2009

Given a group of tasks and two non-identical processors with the ability to complete each task, which tasks should be assigned to which processor … more

Metrology for Gene Expression: Measurement Batch Effects, Probe Sensitivity, Gene List Reproducibility
February 25, 2009

As for other measurements, metrology for gene expression involves issues such as sources of measurement variation, measurement calibration, and … more

Confidence Sets for Parameters of a Linear Model and Dirichlet Averages
March 4, 2009

A method is suggested for constructing a conservative confidence region for the parameters of a linear model on the basis of a linear estimator. … more

Washington Metro Economic Development Bioinformatics Forum
March 4, 2009

The goal of this forum is to provide an opportunity for interaction in the field of Bioinformatics that can lead to licenses, partnerships, … more

Exponential Smoothing and State-Space Modeling
March 18, 2009

Exponential smoothing methods for forecasting are sometimes regarded as a relic of the 1960s or, at best as a special case of simple ARIMA models. … more

Pulse Shape Discrimination for a Fast Neutron Detector
March 19, 2009

We are developing a detector that uses liquid scintillator loaded with 6 Li for the efficient measurement of fast neutrons and their energy. The … more

MSEL Sustainability Seminar Series: EPA's Resource Conservation Challenge
March 30, 2009

EPA's Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC) is a national effort to conserve resources and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by managing … more

Open Monte Carlo Engine - A ready to use Monte Carlo tool for metrology
April 8, 2009

The Supplement 1 to the Guide of the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM Suppl. 1) introduces the Monte Carlo Simulation as a method to … more

A Rules Based Statistical Algorithm for Keystroke Detection
April 20, 2009

A rules-based statistical algorithm (RBSA) identifies packets in any TCP connection that are client keystrokes of an ssh login. The input data of … more

Sustainable Manufacturing - What would Make a big enough difference?
May 11, 2009

"Sustainable Manufacturing" is an ideal to which consumers, politicians and business leaders increasingly aspire.  Attempts to move towards this … more

Second Smart Grid Standards Workshop
May 19-20, 2009

NIST announces a second major workshop, to be held May 19-20, in National Harbor, MD, to expedite development of standards that underpin that … more

Hierarchical Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Models for Environmental Processes: PDE-Based Dynamics and Efficient Parameterizations
June 10, 2009

Spatio-temporal dynamical processes in the physical and environmental sciences are often described by partial differential equations (PDEs). The … more

Nanomechanical Measurements Workshop
June 16-17, 2009

This workshop will provide a forum for nanomechanical tool manufacturers, users, and NIST researchers to identify nanomechanical calibration and … more

Preproposal Conference for RFP SB1341-09-RP-0070
July 1, 2009

Offerors are strongly encouraged, but not required, to participate in a preproposal conference with the Contracting Officer and selected personnel … more

NIST AMD Procurement Industry Day/Business Fair
July 8, 2009

To allow vendors to market their capabilities and products to the NIST community and learn how to do business with the federal government. more

A Latent Variable Model for Hybrid Data from Interlaboratory Comparisons
July 15, 2009

A new approach to estimate laboratory biases in interlaboratory comparisons is presented. Quantitative results as well as qualitative information … more

Information Metrology and Image Analysis Research at NIM, China
July 15, 2009

In the part of the research on information metrology, the reliability evaluation of emergency communication network and the uncertainty … more

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Assigning Key Comparison Reference Values in Chemical Measurement
July 29, 2009

CCQM, the CIPM Consultative Committee for Quantity of Material, coordinates comparisons between National Measurement Institutes and Designated … more

Spreadsheets and Good Statistics: A Tale of Love and Hatred
July 30, 2009

When statistical rigor and common practice meet, paradigms clash. Statistical computing, the use of spreadsheets, and in particular the use of … more

Indo_US Workshop on Designing Sustainable Products, Services, and Manufacturing Systems
August 18-20, 2009

The primary objective of this workshop is to bring together domain experts from India and the US to discuss the social, economic, environmental, … more

Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems Workshop
September 21-23, 2009

The Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems workshop is the only one of its kind dedicated to defining measures and methodologies of evaluting … more

2009 Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems (PerMIS'09) Workshop
September 21-23, 2009

The Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems workshop is the only one of its kind dedicated to defining measures and methodologies of … more

Fire Retardants and their Potential Impact on Fire Fighter Health
September 30, 2009

Summary of the Building and Fire Research Laboratory meeting on Fire Retardants and their Potential Impact on Fire Fighter Health   A one-day … more

NIST Presents the Bio-Imaging Technologies Showcase
October 6, 2009

A technology transfer and federal marketplace event. more

NIST Workshop on Sustainable Manufacturing: Metrics, Standards, and Infrastructure
October 13-15, 2009

This webpage is for archival purposes only.  Copies of presentations are provided in the workshop agenda . The primary objective of this workshop … more

National Workshop On Challenges To Innovation In Advanced Manufacturing: Industry Drivers And R&D Needs
November 3-4, 2009

The Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory (MEL) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology invites you to save the date and submit a … more

Translation Memory Workshop - Engage, Educate, and Understand
December 3, 2009

The goal of the workshop is to bring together users, developers, and researchers of Translation Memory (TM) to engage the community on TM current … more

Spatial Misalignment in Studies of the Acute Effects of Ambient Air Pollution
December 16, 2009

Time series analyses of ambient air pollution often involve comparing a pollutant measured at a point in space with an aggregate measure of … more

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