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The History and Future of Quantum Information Credits/Feedback

Project Manager: Robin Materese
Writer: Ben P. Stein 
Editors: Jennifer Huergo, Robin Materese
Original Illustrations: Natasha Hanacek
Original Video: Leon Gerskovic, Jose Garcia
Landing Page Web Design: Paul Hernandez
Interior Web Design: Robin Materese
Additional Research: Laura Ost
Copyediting: Gayle Swenson

Thanks to Carl Williams, Deputy Director, NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory, for suggesting this feature idea and to NIST-affiliated researchers, laboratory management and their colleagues for content and feedback. 

Do you have comments about this site? Please contact NIST managing editor Ben P. Stein; your input could be incorporated in a future update to this site!


Created March 29, 2018, Updated November 15, 2019