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Standards Under Consideration

The following documents are under consideration for placement on the OSAC Registry, along with their status in the approval process.

Intent to Add to the OSAC Registry - Documents Open for Comment

During the open comment period, OSAC collects feedback from our forensic science stakeholders to determine whether a standard should be included on the Registry. The intent of this open comment period is not to revise a document, but rather to collect specific feedback as to why it should or should not be an OSAC Registry Approved Standard.

  • None currently.

In the Comment Adjudication Phase

If any negative comments are received during the open comment period, the various OSAC committees will address them during the comment adjudication phase. The following documents are currently in the comment adjudication phase:

NOTE: criminal justice agencies can access the aSTM standards above by visiting the Access to Standards webpage.

At the Forensic Science Standards Board (FSSB) for Vote

After all comments have been addressed, a document under consideration will go to the FSSB. The FSSB will review the feedback received during the open comment period and vote on whether to approve it for placement on the Registry. The following documents are currently at the FSSB for vote:

  • None currently.

In the Appeals Phase

If an individual or group submitted feedback during the open comment period and believes it was not properly addressed during the comment adjudication phase, they may submit an appeal. Appeals pertain to issues related to the comment adjudication process, not to technical issues with a document. If an appeal is made, an ad-hoc panel will be established to address it. If there are no appeals, or after an appeal is favorably addressed, the document will be placed on the OSAC Registry. The following documents are in the appeals phase:

  • None currently.

sent back to sdo for revision

The following documents have been temporarily withdrawn from the Registry approval process and sent back to an SDO for additional revisions:

  • ASB Technical Report 097, Terminology Used for Forensic Footwear and Tire Evidence, First Edition, 2019.
  • ASTM E3016 Standard Guide for Establishing Confidence in Digital and Multimedia Evidence Forensic Results by Error Mitigation. 
  • ASTM 3046-15 Standard Guide for Core Competencies for Mobile Phone Forensics.
Created April 5, 2016, Updated July 7, 2020