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OSAC Standards Approval Processes

OSAC has two finalized processes. Both processes have companion documents including process maps, process descriptions, worksheets and templates.

High-Level OSAC Road Map (last update 5/14/18)

1)      Registry Approval Process 

The Registry Approval process begins with a published or completed standard or guideline that an Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science Subcommittee has deemed to be technically sound (via a Technical Merit Rating of 1 or 2 on the Quality Infrastructure Committee [QIC] Form 1: Technical Merit Worksheet), and that has been developed using a reasonable standards development process (QIC Form 2: Standards Development Process Worksheet).

2)     Working with an SDO Process

This process begins after an OSAC Subcommittee has identified a need for a standard or guideline and has determined that such a document does not exist in published form.  This project can range from a draft revision to an existing standard or guideline, a preliminary concept for a new standard or guideline (that has not been thoroughly developed) or a new draft document that is in a more mature state of development that is ready for a Standard Development Organization’s (SDO’s) voluntary consensus standards development process.

Created November 18, 2016, Updated February 26, 2019