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Registry Approval

NOTE: the 1.5 osac registry approval process was implemented in february 2020. please click here to access the latest registry information and materials. 

Before being approved for posting on the OSAC Registry, standards are analyzed for technical merit, openness of the development process (to ensure balanced interests are represented), consensus, harmonization, and impact on the forensic science community. Multiple levels of the OSAC evaluate the standards and guidelines against these criteria. If criteria are met, OSAC proceeds to issue a notice of intent that includes an open comment period to solicit feedback from all stakeholders. OSAC reviews and adjudicates all comments received and then considers the feedback when voting whether the standard should be included on the Registry. 

Below are the OSAC 1.0 Registry Approval Process documents and instructions used in the approval process. The Registry Approval Process was updated in February 2020 (i.e., OSAC 1.5 Registry Approval Process) and the current documents can be accessed here

OSAC 1.0 Registry Approval Documents (archived)

OSAC Registry Approval Process Map (Last update November 20, 2018)

OSAC Registry Approval Process Description (Last update November 20, 2018)

OSAC Registry Approval Process RA-1200 + RA-1800 Appeals (Last update June 6, 2017)

OSAC Registry Approval Process RA-700 Adjudication of Comments Procedure (Last update July 2, 2018)

OSAC QIC Form-01 Technical Merit Discussion (Last update December 18, 2018)

Technical Merit Form Training Video (Last update January 8, 2018)

OSAC QIC Form-02 Standard Development Process Worksheet (Last update March 1, 2017)

OSAC QIC Form-03 Registry Request Form (Last update March 1, 2017)

OSAC QIC Form-04 Impact Worksheet (Last update November 10, 2015)

OSAC Form-05 Harmonization Worksheet (Last update March 1, 2017)

OSAC Registry Management Process (Last update March 1, 2017)

OSAC QIC Template A - Notice of Intent to Add to Registry (Last update March 1, 2017)

OSAC QIC Template B - Justification for Non-Approval (Last update November 10, 2015)

OSAC QIC Template C - Registry Approval Comment Adjudication Template (Last update November 27, 2017)

Created April 8, 2016, Updated May 15, 2020