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OSAC Registry Approved Standards

OSAC Registry Ribbon
Credit: NIST

The OSAC Registry serves as a trusted repository of high-quality, technically sound forensic science standards and guidelines that address discipline-specific forensic science needs. Documents on the OSAC Registry have been developed using a consensus-based process that allows participation and comment from all relevant stakeholders and have been assessed to be sound by forensic science practitioners, academic researchers, measurement scientists, and statisticians.

To improve consistency within and across forensic science disciplines, ensure confidence in the accuracy, reliability, and reproducibility of laboratory results, and positively increase the impact of admissibility and expert testimony in courts of law, OSAC encourages our stakeholders in the forensic science and criminal justice communities to implement the following Registry Approved documents. 

Disaster Victim Identification

Dogs & Sensors

Facial Identification

Fire and Explosion Investigation

Materials (Trace)


Seized Drugs



You can also view the OSAC Registry Approved Standards by fiscal year (FY):

FY 2019 | FY 2018 | FY 2017 | FY 2016

OSAC Approved Standards Archive

Created January 25, 2017, Updated December 3, 2019