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Magnetic properties

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Short-Range Charge Density Wave Order in TaS2

Jaydeep D. Joshi, Heather M. Hill, Sugata Chowdhury, Christos D. Malliakas, Francesca M. Tavazza, Utpal Chatterjee, Angela R. Hight Walker, Patrick M. Vora
2H-TaS2 undergoes a charge density wave (CDW) transition at T_CDW ~ 75 K, however key questions regarding the onset of CDW order remain under debate. In this

Waveguide coupling via magnetic gratings with effective strips

Kevin Roccapriore, David Lyvers, Dean Brown, Ekaterina Poutrina, Augustine Urbas, Thomas A. Germer, Vladimir Drachev
Gratings with complex multilayer strips are studied under inclined incident light. Great interest in these gratings is due to applications as input/output tools