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NIST provides measurements and standards of biological industrial processes, and operates a robust biomanufacturing program--including an annual industry round table to learn about emerging needs.

NIST supports biomanufacturing with measurement science, standards, data, and other tools, with a particular emphasis on support for the manufacture of biopharmaceutical products. Our work helps ensure the quality of biological drugs and other products. For example, we developed a reference material that helps drug manufacturers accurately calibrate the instruments that measure the protein particles in their products that might lead to unwanted patient reactions. 

Learn more about the Bioprocess Measurements Group and the  NIST Biomanufacturing Initiative


News and Updates

Projects and Programs

Biomanufacturing Initiative

Protein drugs are the top selling pharmaceuticals worldwide, a hundred billion dollar industry, but also the fastest growing category of health care costs. The

Surrogate protein particle standards

Protein-based drugs can degrade by aggregation into micrometer-sized particles. Such particles, although only a minute fraction of the total protein, sometimes

Photonic Dosimetry

As part of the NIST on a Chip program, the Photonic Dosimetry project is set to develop in-situ sub-micrometer ionizing-radiation dosimetry and calorimetry