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Contacts NIST


International and Academic Affairs Office
Dr. Brandi Toliver
Central Program Director
E-mail: brandi.toliver [at]

Physical Measurement Laboratory

Uwe Arp
E-mail: uwe.arp [at]

Michael Berilla
E-mail: michael.berilla [at]

Maritoni Litorja
E-mail: maritoni.litorja [at] (subject: SURF%20Program)

Richard Steiner
E-mail: richard.steiner [at]

Material Measurement Laboratory

Ilse Bercik
E-mail: andre.striegel [at] (i)lsle.bercik [at]

Tom Forbes
E-mail: thomas.forbes [at]

Jessica Staymates
E-mail: jessica.staymates [at]

NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR)

Julie A. Borchers
NIST Center for Neutron Research
E-mail: julie.borchers [at]

Joseph Dura
NIST Center for Neutron Research
E-mail: Joseph.Dura [at]

Susana Teixeira
NIST Center for Neutron Research
E-mail: susana.marujoteixeira [at]




Engineering Laboratory

Cartier Murrill
E-mail: cartier.murill [at] (subject: SURF%20Program)

Shonali Nazare
E-mail: shonali.nazare [at]

Information Technology Laboratory

Lotfi Benmohamed
Advanced Network Technologies Division
E-mail: lotfi.benmohamed [at]

Timothy Burns
Applied and Computational Mathematics Division
E-mail: timothy.burns [at]

Yolanda Bursie
Information Technology Laboratory Office
E-mail: yolanda.bursie [at]

Michaela Iorga
Computer Security Division
E-mail: michaela.iorga [at]

Derek Juba
Software and Systems Division
E-mail: derek.juba [at] (subject: SURF%20Program)

Annie Sokol
E-mail: annie.sokol [at]

Comunications Technology Laboratory

Wesley Garey
E-mail: wesley.garey [at]

David Griffith
E-mail: david.griffith [at]

Advance Manufacturing

Lisa Fronczek
E-mail: lisa.fronczek [at]


Created June 2, 2010, Updated July 14, 2021