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Polymers and Complex Fluids Group Staff

Name Phone Number Staff Type
Debra Audus (301) 975-4364 Fed
Kathryn L. Beers (301) 975-2113 Fed
Aaron Burkey Fed
Alexandros Chremos (301) 975-5891 Assoc
Jennifer Clark Fed
Jeffrey Fagan (301) 975-6740 Fed
Danyon Fischbach Assoc
Shailja Goyal IntlAssoc
Charles C. Han (301) 975-2895 Assoc
Steven D. Hudson (301) 975-6579 Fed
Robert Ivancic Fed
Nathaniel Kallmyer Assoc
Steve Kuei (301) 975-4877 Fed
Michael Lueckheide (301) 975-6751 Fed
Yuanchi Ma (301) 975-3586 IntlAssoc
Matthew Noor Assoc
Sara Orski (301) 975-4671 Fed
Phillip D. Pickett (301) 975-4544 Fed
Vivek Prabhu (301) 975-3657 Fed
Gerardo Pradillo Macias IntlAssoc
Paul Salipante (301) 975-2820 Fed
Kelsea Schumacher Assoc
Christopher Sims (301) 975-2671 Fed
Jacob Thelen Assoc
Chase Thompson Fed
Ming Zheng (301) 975-8995 Fed