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Thermophysical Properties of Fluids Group Staff

Name Phone Number Staff Type
Ian Bell (303) 497-6970 Fed
Tara Fortin (303) 497-3522 Fed
John Gallagher Assoc
Kehui Gao (303) 497-7411 IntlAssoc
Allan H. Harvey (303) 497-3555 Fed
Marcia L. Huber (303) 497-5252 Fed
Eric W. Lemmon (303) 497-7939 Fed
Michael Lewis Assoc
Mark O. McLinden (303) 497-3580 Fed
Stephanie L. Outcalt (303) 497-5786 Fed
Richard A. Perkins (303) 497-5499 Fed
Elizabeth Rasmussen (303) 497-7411 Fed
Aaron Rowane (303) 497-5158 Fed
Jan Sengers (301) 975-2477 Assoc
Jeffrey Young (303) 497-7855 Fed
Name Phone Number Staff Type
Chad Glinsky