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Retrieval Group Staff

Name Phone Number Staff Type
Marion Alley Assoc
Ayaad Assaad Assoc
George Awad (301) 975-8925 Assoc
Dorothy Bailey Assoc
Marian Barry Assoc
Gretchen Belnap Assoc
Sonja Brooks Assoc
Barbara Buchanan (301) 975-5103 Assoc
Asad Butt (301) 975-0516 IntlAssoc
Irma Cruz Assoc
Deborah Curry Assoc
Keith Curtis (301) 975-0517 IntlAssoc
Hoa T. Dang (301) 975-2701 Fed
Darrin L. Dimmick (301) 975-4147 Fed
Angela G Ellis (301) 975-3881 Fed
Nada Fayad Assoc
William Fleming Assoc
Mary Gentry Assoc
Steven Grimaud Assoc
Nasser Hajjaj Assoc
Donna K. Harman (301) 975-3569 Assoc
Shudong Huang (301) 975-8252 Fed
Eman Jacob Fed
Marianne Larkin Assoc
Marion Le Bras (301) 975-2944 IntlAssoc
Sonia Leon Assoc
Erika Loc Assoc
Karen Mayo Assoc
Shahzad Rajput (301) 975-8234 Assoc
Ian Soboroff (301) 975-3987 Fed
Verna Suit Assoc
Mohammad Taha Assoc
Ellen M. Voorhees (301) 975-3761 Fed
Linda Whitelaw Assoc
Ronald Whitelaw Assoc
Jeannette Williams (301) 975-5103 Ctr