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Cybersecurity and Privacy Applications Group Staff

Name Phone Number Staff Type
Christine Abruzzi Ctr
Meghan Anderson Fed
Katie Boeckl Fed
Kevin Gerard Brady (301) 975-8242 Fed
Jeffrey Cichonski (301) 975-3293 Fed
Barbara Bell Cuthill (301) 975-3273 Fed
David Darais Ctr
Jessica Dickson Fed
Michael Fagan (202) 339-7755 Fed
James Fenton Assoc
Dylan Gilbert Fed
Nakia Grayson (301) 975-5187 Fed
Nelson Hastings (301) 975-5237 Fed
Gema Howell (301) 975-0326 Fed
Naomi Lefkovitz (301) 975-2924 Fed
Amy Mahn Fed
Jeffrey Marron (301) 975-3846 Fed
Katerina Megas Fed
Joseph Near Ctr
Michael Ogata (301) 975-6993 Fed
LaKia Phillips Ctr
Matthew Smith Assoc
Wendy Szwerc Ctr
David Temoshok (202) 482-5475 Fed
Daniel Topper Ctr
Otily Toutsop IntlAssoc
Paul Watrobski (301) 975-6562 Fed