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HVAC&R Equipment Performance Group Staff

Name Phone Number
Valeri I. Babushok (301) 975-8975
Lawrence H. Bennett
Piotr A. Domanski (301) 975-5877
Art Ellison (301) 975-6086
Michael Hegetschweiler (301) 975-5966
Nathan Kamphuis (301) 975-3752
Mark A. Kedzierski (301) 975-5282
Dennis Kim (301) 975-2748
Lingnan Lin (301) 975-6441
Gregory T. Linteris (301) 975-2283
John L. Pagliaro (301) 975-6675
Vance (Wm.) Payne (301) 975-6663
Harrison M Skye (301) 975-5871
John A. Wamsley (301) 975-6578
Nicole Williamson (301) 975-4112
Young Jin Yoon