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SRI 6007 Optical Fiber Power Linearity System

Technical Contact: Igor Vayshenker

The Optical Fiber Power Linearity System is an instrument that measures the nonlinearity of optical fiber power meters (OFPMs). This system is capable of nonlinearity calibrations of OFPMs for the three nominal wavelengths of 850 or 980, 1310, and 1550 nm. A modular design for the laser sources' electronics has been implemented to make simpler the maintenance of the system. Implementation of a linearity measurement system for OFPMs will not only increase the system's lifetime, but will also simplify the maintenance of the system

Specifications Certificate (PDF format)

The prices listed below are for the individual instrument and do not include costs related to the final measurement calibration performed before delivery or post-delivery installation and training.  The related Calibration Service ID for the SRI is 42180S.  To obtain a nist-quote for the instrument and calibration services, please contact Sales and Customer Service by phone at 301-975-2200 or email at (link sends e-mail).



Optical Fiber Power Linearity System




Created September 28, 2016, Updated March 28, 2019