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SRI 6005 Polymerization Stress Tensometer

Technical Contact: martin.chiang [at] (Martin Chiang)

The Polymerization Stress Tensometer (PST) is a cantilever-beam based measurement instrument that combines beam deflection mechanics with capacitive sensor technology to measures real-time polymerization shrinkage stress (PS) during the photocuring process for composite resins.

A LabVIEW-based graphical user interface (GUI) developed at NIST is provided with the PST to enable the user to specify the curing mode and irradiation parameters using a light-emitting diode (LED) and light intensity control system. The PST and GUI software are delivered ready for the integration of thermocouple and near-infrared spectrometer; thus, PST/GUI simultaneously provides real-time kinetics data with accuracy and sensitivity on polymerization shrinkage stress, degree of cure, and reaction exotherm. The PST and PST/GUI are interchangeable in this specification.

There are two configurations of the SRI 6005 available. The first configuration
(SRI 6005a) is the stress measurement system, which includes the base model of the PST. The second configuration (SRI 6005b) includes the PST base model plus a power activator kit to initiate the polymerization process. The power activator kit includes a LED light irradiator for a targeted wavelength and a light intensity controller system.

The prices listed below are for the individual instrument and do not include costs related to the final measurement calibration performed before delivery or post-delivery installation and training.  The related Calibration Service ID for the SRI is 81000C.  To obtain a quote for the instrument and calibration services, please contact Sales and Customer Service by phone at 301-975-2200 or email at srminfo [at]


Polymerization Stress Tensometer


6005b  Polymerization Stress Tensometer including integrated Curing Light System




Created September 28, 2016, Updated December 14, 2022