Writing a Tcl Extension in Only Seven Years

Published: July 01, 1997


Don E. Libes


Tcl is a command language library for embedding into other applications. It is often touted as the best language for this purpose and it is only natural that this claim should be investigated. This paper assists in that investigation by describing experiences over seven years with Expect. These experiences may help other extension language see some of the challenges that a single extension had to deal with while evolving at the same time as Tcl. Tcl and Expect users may also use these war stories to gain insight into why Expect works and looks the way it does today.

Proceedings Title: Proceedings of 5th Annual Tcl/Tk Worshop '97
Conference Dates: July 14-17, 1997
Conference Location: Boston, MA
Pub Type: Conferences

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Expect, Lessons learned, Software archaeology, Tcl
Created July 01, 1997, Updated February 17, 2017