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Towards the optical second: verifying optical clocks at the SI limit

William F. McGrew, Xiaogang Zhang, Robert J. Fasano, Holly Leopardi, Daniele Nicolodi, Kyle P. Beloy, Jian Yao, Jeffrey A. Sherman, Stefan A. Schaeffer, Joshua J. Savory, Stefania Romisch, Christopher W. Oates, Thomas E. Parker, Tara M. Fortier, Andrew D. Ludlow
The pursuit of ever more precise measures of time and frequency motivates redefinition of the second in terms of an optical atomic transition. To ensure

Incorporating an Optical Clock into a Time Scale

Jian Yao, Thomas E. Parker, Neil Ashby, Judah Levine
This paper discusses how to build a time scale with an intermittently-operated optical clock. In particular, it gives suggestions on how long and how often to

Accurate TWSTFT time transfer with indirect links

Victor S. Zhang, Zhiheng Jiang, Thomas E. Parker, Jian Yao, Yi-Jiun Huang, Shinn-Yan Lin
The conventional wisdom suggests a direct Two-Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer (TWSTFT or TW) time link should result in a smaller uncertainty than

GPS Jamming and GPS Carrier-Phase Time Transfer

Jian Yao, Marc A. Weiss, Charles Curry, Judah Levine
This paper studies the impact of GPS jamming on GPS carrier-phase time transfer. To study this issue, at NIST, we have installed a commercial GPS jamming