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Effects of filler type and content on mechanical properties of photopolymerizable composites determined using a two-dimensional gradient platform

February 5, 2009
Sheng Lin-Gibson, Li Piin Sung, Haiqing Hu, Aaron M. Forster, Nancy J. Lin
Photopolymerizable dental composites have complex processing conditions and multi-component formulations that affect the final properties. Combinatorial screening is a useful approach for evaluating multiple properties of the composites. A single test

Beta-Sheet Formation and RGD-Presentation Effects on Osteoblast Differentiation

November 15, 2008
Carl G. Simon Jr., Matthew Becker, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Kristen E. Roskov, David L. Kaplan, Abby W. Morgan
This report highlights our recent investigation into -sheet formation and RGD epitope presentation on the surface of blended silk films.1 Surface characterization of biomaterials for tissue engineering applications is of great importance to understand how

Monitoring Alignment of Osteoblast Cells Directed by Gradient Nanopatterns

April 6, 2008
Jirun Sun, Yifu Ding, Nancy J. Lin, Hyun Wook Ro, Christopher L. Soles, Sheng Lin-Gibson
We investigated the behavior of pre-osteoblasts cultured on polystyrene and photopolymerized ethoxylated bisphenol-A dimethacrylate gradient patterns. Gradient patterns varying in height from several hundred to 0 nm were prepared using nanoimprinting

X-Ray Imaging Optimization of 3D Tissue Engineering Scaffolds via Combinatorial Fabrication Methods

April 1, 2008
Yanyin Yang, Shauna M. Dorsey, Matthew Becker, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Gary E. Schumacher, Glenn M. Flaim, J Kohn, Carl G. Simon Jr.
We have developed a combinatorial method for determining optimum tissue scaffold composition for imaging by X-ray techniques. X-ray radiography and microcomputed tomography enable non-invasive imaging of implanted materials in vivo and in vitro

Non-Brownian Microrheology of a Fluid Gel Interface

February 20, 2008
Erik K. Hobbie, Sheng Lin-Gibson, S K. Kumar
We use stroboscopic video microscopy to study the motion of a sheared fluid-gel interface. External mechanical noise plays a role analogous to temperature, but with a low-frequency breakdown of linear response consistent with an underlying instability. We

Mapping Cell Distribution in Amorphous Scaffolds using Confocal Microscopy

August 19, 2007
Jirun Sun, Nancy Lin, Marcus T. Cicerone, Sheng Lin-Gibson
One common method for probing cell-material interactions is direct visualization via confocal laser scanning microscopy, a technique widely used for studying biological systems. However, confocal microscopy has limited depth penetration for imaging cells

Relationship between dispersion metric and properties of PMMA/SWNT nanocomposites

June 13, 2007
Takashi Kashiwagi, Jeffrey Fagan, Jack F. Douglas, Kazuya Yamamoto, N. Alan Heckert, Stefan D. Leigh, Jan Obrzut, Fangming Du, Minfang Mu, Sheng Lin-Gibson, K Winey, R Haggenmueller
Particle spatial dispersion is a crucial characteristic of polymer composite materials and this property is recognized as especially important innanocomposite materials due to the general tendency of nanoparticles to aggregate under processing conditions

Rapid Assessment of Dental Polymers Using Gradient Samples

April 18, 2007
Nancy J. Lin, Peter Drzal, Sheng Lin-Gibson
Dental composites are widely used yet still face challenges including incomplete conversion, polymerization shrinkage, and poor adhesion to tooth structures. High-throughput techniques to quickly assess several material properties in a combinatorial manner

Encapsulated Chondrocyte Response to Pulsatile Flow Bioreactor

August 16, 2006
James A. Cooper, W Li, L A. Bailey, Steven D. Hudson, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Kristi S. Anseth, Rocky Tuan, N Washburn
We have developed a bioreactor using microfluidic techniques that allow for dynamic culture conditions and measurement of the fluid flow impinging upon a three-dimensional (3-D) tissue engineering (TE) scaffold. Chondrocytes in scaffolds have been shown to

Combinatorial Method for Determining Optimum Tissue Scaffold Composition for Imaging by X-Ray Techniques

April 12, 2006
Carl G. Simon Jr., Yanyin Yang, Shauna M. Dorsey, Gary E. Schumacher, Glenn M. Flaim, J Kohn, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Matthew Becker
X-ray imaging techniques can be very useful for tissue engineering applications. The ability to image radiopaque medical implants in vivo with X-ray radiography enables clinicians to conveniently, inexpensively and non-invasively monitor wound healing and

High-Throughput Evaluation of Restorative Dental Polymers

March 31, 2006
Sheng Lin-Gibson, Forrest A. Landis, Nancy J. Lin
The effects of co-monomer composition and irradiation time on material properties and cell response were determined using high-throughput and combinatorial methods. 2-Dimensional gradient samples varying in monomer composition and light exposure time were