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Light Scattering in Gold Nanorings

Javier Aizpurua, L A. Blanco, P Hanarp, D S. Sutherland, M Kall, Garnett W. Bryant, F J. de Abajo
The optical response of gold nanoparticles of disk-like and ring-like shape is studied by analyzing their extinctioncross section in the visible and near

Optical Excitation and Absorption Spectra of C50Cl10

Rui-Hua Xie, Garnett W. Bryant, J Cheung, V H. Smith, J Zhao
Recent experiment has synthesized C50Cl10 [S.Y. Xie et al., Science 304, 699 (2004)] in a large quantity capturing the labile fullerene C50. In this

Tuning Spectral Properties of Fullerenes by Substitutional Doping

Rui-Hua Xie, Garnett W. Bryant, G Sun, T Kar, Z Chen, V H. Smith, Y Araki, N Tagmatarchis, H Shinohara, O Ito
We propose a substitutional doping approach to achieve tunable optical properties from fullerenes. Taking Cd60 as an example and using time-dependent density

Nanocrystal Molecules and Chains

J F. Diaz, W Jaskolski, J Planelles, Javier Aizpurua, Garnett W. Bryant
The electron energy structure of linear artificial molecules and one-dimensional chains formed of spherical semiconductor nanocrystals is investigated with and