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Calibrating multiple microscopes with a smartphone

Peter Bajcsy, Mary C. Brady, Jacob Siegel
Summary: The iPhone liquid crystal displays allows efficient and accurate calibration of an inexpensive array of handheld microscopes for measuring microscopic

Depicting Web Images for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Andrea Bajcsy, YaShian Li-Baboud, Mary C. Brady
A prototype to translate web graph and map images into 3D printed models in order to give the blind and visually impaired access to voting and election

Re-projection of Terabyte-Sized Images

Peter Bajcsy, Antoine Vandecreme, Mary C. Brady
This work addresses the problem of re-projecting a terabyte-sized 3D data set represented as a set of 2D Deep Zoom pyramids. In general, a re-projection for

Terabyte Size Image Computations on Hadoop Cluster Platforms

Peter Bajcsy, Antoine Vandecreme, Julien M. Amelot, Phuong T. Nguyen, Joe Chalfoun, Mary C. Brady
We present a characterization of four basic terabyte size image computations on a Hadoop cluster in terms of their relative efficiency according to the modified

Parallel Geometric Classification of Stem Cells by Their 3D Morphology

Derek Juba, Antonio Cardone, Cheuk Y. Ip, Carl G. Simon Jr., Christopher K. Tison, Girish Kumar, Mary C. Brady
Autologous stem cells show great promise for tissue engineering as they can regenerate diseased or damaged tissue, without requiring an organ donor or causing

Segmenting Time-lapse Phase Contrast Images of Adjacent NIH 3T3 Cells

Joe Chalfoun, Alden A. Dima, Marcin Kociolek, Michael W. Halter, Antonio Cardone, Adele P. Peskin, Peter Bajcsy, Mary C. Brady
We present a new method for segmenting phase contrast images of NIH 3T3 fibroblast cells that is accurate even when cells are in contact. The problem of

Big Data Issues in Quantitative Imaging

Mary C. Brady, Alden A. Dima, Charles D. Fenimore, James J. Filliben, John Lu, Adele P. Peskin, Mala Ramaiah, Ganesh Saiprasad, Ram D. Sriram

Conformance of Image Features to Classifier Assumptions

Julien M. Amelot, Peter Bajcsy, Mary C. Brady
Cell measurements are derived frequently from the results of pixel classification and contiguous region segmentation of microscopy images. Image segmentation is

Comparison of segmentation algorithms for fluorescence microscopy images of cells

Alden A. Dima, John T. Elliott, James J. Filliben, Michael W. Halter, Adele P. Peskin, Javier Bernal, Marcin Kociolek, Mary C. Brady, Hai C. Tang, Anne L. Plant
Segmentation results from nine different segmentation techniques applied to two different cell lines and five different sets of imaging conditions were compared

NIST Workshop on Ontology Evaluation (NISTIR 7774)

Ram D. Sriram, Conrad E. Bock, Fabian M. Neuhaus, Evan K. Wallace, Mary C. Brady, Mark Musen, Joanne Luciano
The National Institute for Standards and Technology sponsored a workshop in October, 2007, on the subject of ontology evaluation. An international group of

Image Classification of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

Michael Grasso, Ronil Mokashi , Alden A. Dima, Antonio Cardone, Kiran Bhadriraju, Anne L. Plant, Mary C. Brady, Yaacov Yesha, Yelena Yesha
The traditional method of cell microscopy can be subjective, due to observer variability, a lack of standardization, and a limited feature set. To address this

What Is This Thing Called Conformance?

Lynne S. Rosenthal, Mary C. Brady
XML developers claim they do it. OASIS, NIST, and W3C are building it. And, standards often require it. What is it?Conformance is usually defined as a way to

XML Technologies

Mary C. Brady, Carmelo Montanez-Rivera, Richard M. Rivello, Lisa J. Carnahan
An Internet language called the Extensible Markup Language (XML) is rapidly becoming one of the most popular languages in the world. XML is being incorporated