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Dynamical Diffraction and X-Ray Standing Waves from Atomic Planes Normal in a Twofold Symmetry Axis of the Quasicrystal A1PdMn

April 1, 1999
Terrence J. Jach, Yanbao Zhang, R. Colella, M. De Boissieu, M. Boudard, A. I. Goldman, T Lograsso, D W. Delaney, S. Kycia
We have observed dynamical diffraction in the [024024] and[046046] reflections of the icosahedral quasicrystal A1PdMn in the back-reflection geometry (θB = 90 ). The x-ray fluorescence from the Al and Pd atoms exhibits strong standing wave behavior

Polycapillary X-Ray Optic Spectral Gain and Transmission

April 1, 1999
J E. Gormley, Eric B. Steel, Q Xiao, Terrence J. Jach
Polycapillary x-ray optics are gaining increased attention as their transmission characteristics and manufacturing difficulties are better understood. This paper reports experimental results obtained with an optic that was designed for use with both Mo KΑ

Use of Kirkpatrick-Baez Multilayer Optics for X-Ring Fluorescence Imaging

July 1, 1998
A S. Bakulin, S M. Durbin, C Liu, J Erdmann, A T. Macrander, Terrence J. Jach
We discuss the possibilities for using Kirkpatrick-Baez (K-B) multilayer elements to directly image the fluorescence distribution from a specimen under x-ray illumination. X-ray fluorescence would be collected by K-B elements close in contrast to the use

Structural Phase Transitions on Nickel at the Curie Temperature

March 16, 1981
J Hamilton, Terrence J. Jach
It is observed that a reversible step period rearrangement on clean nickel single-crystal surfaces occurs in the immediate vicinity of the Curie temperature. Reversible carbon segregation is observed on the same crystal surfaces below the Curie point. The