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Observation of a fluctuation-enhanced magnetoresistance in Ni81Fe19 /Ag multilayers at high current density



Stephen E. Russek, C. T. Rogers, L S. Kirschenbaum, P D. Beale, Steven C. Sanders


We report a correlation between peaks observed in the resistance versus applied magnetic field and low frequency resistance noise for Ni81Fe19/Ag giant magnetoresistance systems with dc bias current density above 10^6 A/cm^2. The magnetic noise has a 1/f -like spectrum and arises from time-dependent magnetic orientational fluctuations within the multilayer. The noise amplitude is strongly correlated with the observed magnetoresistance peaks. The data and a simple model for the fluctuations demonstrate the important role of fluctuations in determining magnetoresistance in such multilayer systems.
Physical Review B
Created October 1, 1997, Updated February 19, 2017