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NIST Instrumented Charpy Analysis Software (NICAS) – User’s Manual



Damian S. Lauria, Enrico Lucon


The NIST Instrumented Charpy Analysis Software (NICAS) is a standalone LabVIEW program that can be used to analyze instrumented impact tests in accordance with the following international test standards: ASTM E2298-18 [1] and ISO 14556:2015 [2]. It is also possible to perform some operations manually, i.e., not in strict accordance with the above cited standards. The software is provided free of charge in both raw LabVIEW code and executable (*.EXE) formats with an installer for PC platforms running Windows 7 or later.
NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR) - 8302
Report Number


Analysis software, ASTM E2298, instrumented Charpy test, ISO 14556, LabVIEW code, user’s manual
Created April 15, 2020