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Frequency Invariant Beam Patterns for Wideband Synthetic Aperture Channel Sounders



Peter G. Vouras, Jeanne T. Quimby, Benjamin F. Jamroz, Alec J. Weiss, Rodney W. Leonhardt, Dylan F. Williams, Catherine A. Remley


This paper derives two novel frequency invariant beamformers (FIBs) for use with wideband synthetic aperture channel sounders. Results using measured data show that the choice of beam pattern can affect the amount of diffuse multipath energy received through the array sidelobes and influence the estimated channel impulse and frequency responses.
Proceedings Title
21st IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC
Conference Dates
May 26-29, 2020
Conference Location
Atlanta, GA


synthetic aperture, diffuse multipath, fading, frequency invariant beamformer
Created May 29, 2020, Updated June 19, 2020