SRM Pricing Policy

As an agency of the U.S. Government, NIST establishes the prices of its measurement services in accordance with Federal statutes. Accordingly, the prices of Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) are determined by the actual costs incurred in their production, including all applicable surcharges and overheads. Production costs, overhead and surcharge rates are used to calculate the price for each new or renewal SRM upon its placement into inventory. Therefore, prices for new lots and renewal issues of SRMs can be significantly different from previous issues. These individual re-pricings can occur any time a new lot or renewal is produced.

Early in each calendar year, and on other occasions during the year when costs have changed, all SRMs may be re-priced taking into account the updates for overhead and surcharge rates as determined by NIST and the Department of Commerce. On these occasions SRM prices are adjusted to reflect these changes.

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Created November 16, 2012, Updated November 16, 2012