Publicly Submitted White Papers

The white papers posted on this TIP website were written by the authors cited. The authors of these white papers own the copyright to their works. NIST posts these white papers as a public service with explicit permission from the authors. Any use by any party beyond viewing these white papers on the TIP website is subject to the copyright laws of the United States and International Convention. Written permission should be obtained from the specified authors for any use beyond viewing the papers on the TIP website.

The Technology Innovation Program (TIP) actively seeks input from the public, industry, and research communities. These inputs help to keep TIP abreast of societal challenges and help to focus the Program on areas of critical national need. The white paper submissions presented here represent one channel through which these groups communicate to TIP the innovation/research issues and needs they see as critical to the nation.

TIP publishes the submitted white papers in the spirit of transparent and open government (see President Obama's "Transparent and Open Government Policy". Additionally, the publication of these papers serves to foster national discussion and provide the authors and greater scientific community with the opportunity to identify possible synergies for collaboration.

The papers are arranged by topic area and the titles of all papers submitted in each topic are listed. Only those papers for which we received publication permissions are available for viewing.

Topic Areas

Created July 06, 2011, Updated July 19, 2011