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Testing of Radiation Detection Systems


NIST is working together with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) in testing radiation detection equipment for homeland security applications. 


Testing of Radiation Detection Systems
Credit: Leticia Pibida

These tests included radiation detection instruments to be deployed in airports (covered by PaxBag test campaign, see Figure) and boat-mounted for maritime (covered by Dolphin test campaign, see Figure) applications. As part of the maritime test campaign NIST developed new sources specific for this environment and for systems that have spectroscopic and neutron detection capabilities.

These tests assist users with the procurement of instrument to meet their needs and provide manufacturers with information to improve existing technology. NIST has worked in the development of the new Graduated Rad/Nuc Detector Evaluation and Reporting (GRaDER®) Program. The GRaDER® program will provide users with information about the performance of radiation instruments. The outcome of this evaluation will provide DHS/DNDO with a list of equipment that will meet performance requirements listed in relevant ANSI/IEEE standards.

Created April 20, 2011, Updated January 23, 2018