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The Scalable Systems project improves the scientific workflow in the domains of biology, materials science, and others through:  

  • Understanding scalable scientific computations, including
    • traditional scientific computational forms and sizes
    • advanced scalable scientific computational forms and sizes (including very large and complex systems)
  • Characterizing and evaluating sensors, architectures, and processors of scalable scientific computations, including
    • traditional sensors, processors, architectures
    • advanced, distributed, parallel, high-performance sensors and architectures
  • Optimizing scientific computations, sensors, architectures, and processors
    • enabling levels of optimization not possible by manual means through the use of traditional means alone to search, classify, visualize, and interpret massive amounts of scientific imagery and data in a fraction of the original time
  • Using scientific computations in new and unexpected ways
    • enabling the ability to perform complex, long-running scientific computations at interactive speeds enables science to approach the speed of thought changing complex scientific computations into steerable experiments
  • Measuring the quality and applicability of domain-specific
    • scalable scientific computation processing and evaluation methods
    • scalable scientific computational sensors, processors, architectures, tools, and techniques


The Hybrid Task Graph Scheduler 

Microscopy Image Stitching Tool (MIST)

Created May 10, 2018, Updated May 15, 2018